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Built in 1883, Hotel Bellevue au Lac is one of the most traditional hotels in Lugano.

However the Florentine building opened originally as an art museum. It was in 1898 that the hotel was first used as a hotel; it opened as a privately owned, first class hotel.

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In 1958 Charles Foery and his family took over and in 1974 they had added two extra floors to the top of the hotel. By the 1970s Hotel Bellevue au Lac was the first hotel in Lugano to have installed solar panels as an energy resource on the roof of the hotel. In 1985 Marco Foery became the owner of the hotel.

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Since 1994 Charles Jean-Pierre Helbling, a relative of Charles Foery, has managed the hotel. Over the last 14 years the infrastructure of the hotel has continuously developed into a modern, functional and made to measure hotel for tourists as well as for business people. All of the rooms have been renovated, some are entirely new; in many rooms a highly innovative product has ben used which consists of 100% cotton for recovering the walls. On the fifth floor, there is a superb conference room. The view over Lugano Lake makes conferences, events and seminars unforgettable. The Hotel is also at the forefront of technological innovation: high-speed internet access and air condition in every room. Hotel Bellevue au Lac is suited to both business and individual clients and has been certified by Hotellerie Suisse as a Tourist and Business Hotel.

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Hotel Bellevue au Lac ****
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